President of Benin CERCO Group Visited Our College
Author:    Date:2018-01-15    Visit quantity:

On the afternoon of January 11th , Alain Capo Chichi, President of Benin CERCO group visited our college. Ji Wenlin, chair of college council and director of international cooperation and exchange center warmly welcome the guests.

In the meeting room 317 of administrative building, chair Ji Wenlin gave a warm welcome to the guests from Benin and he pointed out that in addition to cultivating students of agricultural and animal husbandry, we can also accept professional teachers from Benin for short-term training. The cooperation between the Benin and our college is promising.    President Alain introduced the general situation of CERCO group and hopes to cooperate with our college in various fields and areas to solve the problem of agricultural development in Benin.

Before the meeting, president Alain visited Sci-tech Demonstration Garden of Modern Animal Husbandry and Phoenix road campus.

Benin is a country in south-central part of west Africa with an area of 112 thousand and 600 square kilometers, and the economy is dominated by agriculture. CERCO group is an alliance of international education, which is based in Benin, and organized by 5 colleges and universities from different countries in west Africa. They adopt the trinity education mode of "research-innovation-entrepreneurship", and focus on cultivating students' project practice ability and professional innovation ability.