The Department of Economics and Trade
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    The Department of Economics and Trade has been developed over 20 years now. The Department has strong faculty, favorable conditions for running, and wide student employment prospects, and it is very popular with the community. The department has 38 teachers including three professors, nine associate professors, twelve lecturers, ten assistant lecturers, and four internship guidance teachers. Quality of teaching can be sufficiently guaranteed.
    The department is set up for the needs of social development with majors such as financial accounting, market development and marketing, international business, logistics, business Japanese, travel management and so on. These majors have strong adaptability and wide application, the practical abilities of students can be substantively exercised and improved, especially after professional training, and the students can start ventures by themselves.
    In the past 10 years, the faculty of this department has been active in research, engaged in study, has actively written various types of professional papers and educational materials, and published more than 40 articles with high professional standards at all levels of publications. More than 20 textbooks were contributed as major editors, and several textbooks as assistant editors. The Department is provided with nine computer rooms with nearly 600 computers now, four multi-media teaching labs, five dedicated language labs, an ERP laboratory, a Logistics Laboratory, a business negotiation laboratory, two accounting laboratories, a farmer market and two student entrepreneurs windows in the school at present. A number of practice bases are also maintained outside the school, which can be sufficient to ensure the internship needs of students.
    According to the graduate employment situation in recent years, the employment rate reached 98% or more and a large number of students were employed in various types of enterprises and institutions, some in foreign companies, some in the private sectors, and some in their own businesses. From the results of the follow-up survey, their work effectiveness is excellent, and they have become senior technical personal on the first line of the Economic and Trade profession, who understand management and finance, and are capable of operating in the world practical.