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Jiangsu Agri-Animal Husbandry Vocational College

Some Majors that Recruit Foreign Students

Schools & Departments


School of Animal Science and Technology

Animal Production and Marketing

Biotechnology and Application

Forage and Animal Nutrition

School of Veterinary Medicine

Animal Medicine

Animal Epidemic Prevention and Quarantine

School of Animal Medicine

Animal Medicine

Bio-pharmaceutical Technology

School of Food Science and Technology

Quality Inspection of Agricultural Products

Food Processing Technology

School of Pet Science

Pet Care and Grooming

Pet Training and Healthcare

Department of Horticulture

City Landscape Art

Urban Horticulture

Department of Aquaculture

Aquaculture Technology

Department of Economy and Trade

International Business

Agricultural Sightseeing

Department of Information Engineer

Computer Network Technology

Software Technology

Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

Mechatronics Technology

CNC Technology

Department of Basic Courses

Chinese (One year study, passing HSK3 Test)


The total cost,

1. The tuition fee, RMB 4140 / year; 2. Accommodation, 1200 yuan RMB/year; 3.others, RMB 800 / year (including textbooks and exercise books and so on,); 4. The experimental expenses, RMB 340 / year; 5. Dorm items fee, RMB 530 / year; 6.Deposit, RMB 100 / year if no property damage in the dorm, will refunded when graduation); 7. Physical examination, RMB 350 / year; 8. The insurance premium, RMB 60 per year; 9. Residence permit fee, RMB 300 / year.

The above cost amounted to 7820 yuan RMB/year.

2, description,

Agricultural majors according to China's relevant regulation can reduce tuition fee, RMB 4140 / year, language major tuition fee is 2000 yuan RMB/year, other cost remains the same.

The international students who learning excellent and study good can apply for the provincial government jasmine scholarships and college scholarships, bonuses ranging from 800-10000 yuan RMB/year.



According to the regulations of Chinese Ministry of Education, foreign students who study in China will be given lectures in Chinese. Having passed HSK3 Test, foreign students also need to pass the tests of professional courses and obtain the credits, as a result, the college will award them the certificates which were recognized by Chinese Government.