<School of Aquatic Science and Technology

School of Aquatic Science and Technology


The School of Aquatic Science and Technology was established in 2003which contains four majors: aquaculture technology, special aquatic products breeding &disease prevention, fishery comprehensive technology, and aquaria science and technology. Through years of effort, the School of Aquatic Science and Technology has become the education and research center for aquaculture in eastern China.

At present, the faculty has 26 full-time teachers, 25 part-time teachers including some famous technicians in Jiangsu Province. During the first few years after establishment, we have supply more than1500 qualified social graduates, contributing to Chinese fishery greatly. 
      The faculty is breaking through the old curriculum system and creating a new one focusing on training students’ professional skills. Our faculty has started all-around school-enterprise cooperation.

So far, we have built 21 off-campus practice bases, 2 on-campus internship bases and 8 multi-functional technical training rooms co-founded with other enterprises and departments, such as Tongwei Group, Dabeinong Group, and Freshwater Fisheries Research Institute of Jiangsu Province. 
      The majors are setting according with the working practice. Until now, the teachers have undertaken more than 30 provincial, municipal, and college research projects, and published over 100 articles or textbooks in various kinds of publications. With its own advantages in science and technology, our faculty has become a leader in developing local aquaculture, and may play an important role in boosting local economy.